Mr. Subhash V. Makwana
Dr. Jignesh B. Patel

Teacher Symbol 

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Dear Teachers,

We welcome you to newly develop teacher symbol website. The creators of teacher symbol develops this site for creating awareness about teacher symbol and tries to convey the message that teachers are not an ordinary person in society. The teachers are the prime agent of social transformation. Through the creation of this symbol, creators tried to strengthening the identity of teacher in the world.

While going through this website, you can find different captions like, full paper in English and Gujarati language, brief explanation, description about different photos, even description in pictorial view, about creators, membership, guestbook, feedback and reflection etc.

Even you can download teacher symbol from download section in file format like jpeg and coral draw. You can use it in a different ways, just like printing it on paper, making it keychain and memento, paste it on your vehicle and so on......

We hope that you like this symbol and request you to spread this newly teacher symbol in your region and country. The creators are happy to hear from you about the reflection on teacher symbol. Even suggestions are welcome from the entire stake holder regarding the newly created teacher symbol and website as well.

-Thanking you.

Mr. Subhash V. Makawana 

Dr. Jignesh B. Patel


1. Teacher symbol paper (English)

2. Teacher Symbol Paper (Gujarati)