Mr. Subhash V. Makwana
Dr. Jignesh B. Patel

Teacher Symbol 

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Mr.Subhash V. Makwana
Assistant Professor,
N. H. Patel College of Education, Anand,
Near N. S. Patel Circle,  Bhalej Road, Dist-Anand, Gujarat (INDIA)- 388001

Email:[email protected]

Mob: +919426410176

Mr. Subhash V. Makwana (M.A., M.Ed, GSLET, NET)

Mr. Subhash Makwana is working as an Assistant Professor at N. H. Patel College of Education, Anand, Dist. Anand, Gujarat, India. He is Treasurer of Council for Teacher Education (CTE), Gujarat Chapter. He has 10 years of teaching experience. He has presented 6 research paper at international level seminar, 19 papers at national level seminar and 4 at state level seminar. His nine papers were published at different research journals. He has written one book on teaching methodology. He has attended more than 21 seminars and workshops. Presently he is working as editorial member in “Shikhan Darshan”. He was awarded as a best paper presenter at Arts and Science College, Borsad, Dist Anand, Gujarat.

Dr. Jignesh B. Patel

Assistant Professor

Center of Education

Children's University, 

Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India) 392021

:- [email protected]   &    [email protected]

Mo.- +91 9429429550    &  +91 9824443990

Dr. Jignesh B. Patel (P.T.C., D.Lib., M.A. M.,Ed., Ph.D., NET) is Assistant Professor at Center of Education, Children's University, Gandhinagar (Gujarat). He is the Assitant General Secretary of Council for Teacher Education (CTE) India and General Secretary of CTE, Gujarat Chapter. He is also working as Editor for EduInsipre- An International E-Journal (Online) and Editor of Shikshan Darshan (Gujarati- Printed) journal. Along with this he is working as a Editorial Member in four journal at National and International Level. He has more than 15 years teaching and research experience and completed one major research project sanctioned by ICSSR. He was awarded Best Paper Presentation Award for two times. He worked extensively in the area of  Primary Education, In-service Education, Teacher Education and ICT in Education. Even the creation of  Teacher Symbol is a creative and unique creation of  Dr. Jignesh Patel in colloboration with Mr. Subhash Makwana. 

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